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Welcome to Support The Workers, where the human brain is viewed as the ultimate frontier, ripe for exploration and optimization. Our mission? To pioneer advancements in cognitive performance, mental acuity, and overall brain health, thereby empowering individuals to maximize their potential. With science as our guide, we examine the complexities of the mind and unravel the mysteries of our own consciousness.

Elevating brain health and cognition through robust nootropics guidance and optimized mental strategies.

Performance Psychology:

We aim to help individuals unlock their potential through psychological techniques that encourage personal growth and bolster resilience.

Brain Health:

From maintaining robust neural connections to fostering a lifestyle that nourishes the brain, we champion strategies that uphold overall brain health.

Cognitive Performance:

We provide comprehensive resources to improve various facets of cognition, enabling better decision making, enhanced memory, and heightened attention spans.

Nootropic Supplements Advice:

With the burgeoning field of nootropics, we delve into the nuances of these substances, guiding individuals to make informed decisions about their usage.

Sleep Enhancement:

Recognizing sleep as the architect of our health and well-being, we provide individuals with scientifically-backed strategies to cultivate a sleep environment that promotes restoration, resilience, and cognitive rejuvenation.

Mental Health:

We believe in the holistic approach to mental health, offering support and advice that consider the interplay between psychological, biological, and socio-environmental factors.

How We Help - Reviews

I found their resources particularly beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their unique blend of psychological insight and practical advice equipped me with the resilience and adaptability to navigate the challenging frontline work.

Mandy B.

NHS Psychologist

Support The Workers has been my go-to source for holistic brain health strategies. Their evidence-based approach to nootropics has helped me make informed choices for cognitive enhancement, which has significantly improved my work performance.

James T.


As a professional under high-stress conditions, the mindset development strategies offered by Support The Workers have been game-changing. They have aided in fostering a positive, resilient outlook, significantly enhancing my productivity and mental well-being.

Lisa R.

Corporate Executive

Where We Started

The inception of Support The Workers occurred amidst the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic—a global crisis that tested our resilience, solidarity, and, above all, our understanding of human performance under extreme stress. Healthcare professionals worldwide faced the brunt of the crisis, working around the clock to manage the rising cases and preparing for the anticipated surges. The unprecedented challenges confronted by these frontline warriors underscored the importance of behavioural and psychological sciences in ensuring their safety, performance, and overall health.

We formed Support The Workers as an international collective composed of distinguished experts specializing in disaster response, crisis psychology, high-pressure decision-making, and human performance and health under conditions of extreme stress. In the face of the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis, our mission was clear and compelling: Develop a rapid, evidence-based training and support curriculum for staff providing psychosocial support to frontline workers in the UK.

Our initiative aimed particularly at psychologists within the National Health Service (NHS) and those called upon to reinforce their ranks. We recognized that to effectively navigate and thrive under such challenging conditions, these professionals needed to be equipped with up-to-date, evidence-based information on behavioural and psychological topics relevant to the pandemic.

To achieve this, we curated a compendium of materials that served as a comprehensive resource for NHS psychologists. But our vision extended beyond the UK, and we made these resources available for global access. Our goal was not only to support those in our immediate vicinity but also to provide assistance to professionals grappling with similar challenges across the globe.

It was from this crucible of global crisis and local response that Support The Workers emerged, our ethos rooted in the belief that behavioral and psychological science could fortify those on the frontlines of such trials. Today, we continue to advocate for this, bringing a scientific perspective to the field of human performance and health under extreme stress.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


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Extreme stressors



Dr Nathan Smith ([email protected]), University of Manchester

To date, the collective has received support and contributions from the following people:

Dr John Sorensen, Salford Royal Hospital

Dr John MacDonald, Salford Royal Hospital

Professor Paul Dark, University of Manchester

Professor Emma Barrett, University of Manchester

Professor Neil Greenberg, Kings College London

Dr Victoria Williamson, Kings College London

Dr Sarah Ayash, University of Mainz

Professor Gloria Leon, University of Minnesota

Professor Marc Jones, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Laura Healy, Nottingham Trent University

Professor Andy McCann, DNA Definitive

Professor Laurence Alison, University of Liverpool

Becky Stevens, Lancaster University

Dr Alexander Wolkow, Monash University

Dr Stephen Hearns, Royal Alexandra Hospital

Dr Mustafa Sarkar, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Thuy-vy Nguyen, Durham University

Dr Beth Clarkson, University of Portsmouth

Professor Lorraine Hope, University of Portsmouth

Dr Alistair Teager, Salford Care Organisation

Professor Steven Yule, Harvard Medical School

Professor Scott Tannenbaum, Group for Organisational Effectiveness

Ms Kirsten Fasey, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Tracey Sletten, Monash University

Dr Daniel Gucciardi, Curtin University

Liv Brown, University of Bath

Dr Martin Jones, University of Exeter

Lt Col Alan Ogle, US Air Force

Dr Sally Hilton, Nottingham Trent University