The Mislabeled Child: How Understanding Your Child's Unique Learning Style Can Open the Door to Success by Brock Eide and Fernette Eide

16th October 2023

Labels have a tendency to stick and can be harmful for a child's self-image. Parents need to be very cautious about pinning a label, or allowing a well-meaning professional apply a label to their child. Psychiatric labeling can immobilize a parent into taking any serious steps in self-help to assist their child towards improvement.
The system of labeling children is extremely flawed, according to this husband and wife medical team. Children are being inappropriately labeled, which leads to the next step of sometimes aggressive treatment with medication.

What can be done to help children and address their needs, without this flawed system. A book of interest to all in the medical profession and for some parents as well.

Another book with a similar theme is child psychiatrist, Scott Shannon's book based on his many years of experience, Please Don't Label My Child.

Shannon is not an anti-medicine campaigner, but, rather, feels that he has greater success in treating children with mental health disorders and difficulties without assigning a label, by simply addressing the problem. Both the Eide's and Shannon give convincing proof that the psychiatric system, as it is today, without labeling and drugging is an inadequate foundation for treating mental health disorders.