What Causes ADHD? Understanding What Goes Wrong and Why, by Joel Nigg, Ph.D.

17th October 2023

Psychology Book Review

Joe Nigg, PhD. is associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University. In his book, he examines hundreds of clinical studies to shed light on the roots of ADHD. He discusses the subject of the use of medication for the treatment of the symptoms of ADHD and the statistical increase of its use in the US in recent years. He gives support to the idea that ADHD is much more than a simple chemical imbalance but that there may be a combination of social, genetic, physical and lifestyle factors that contribute to the disorder. He also presents evidence that environmental contaminants such as lead poisoning may be responsible for some cases of ADHD.

Dr. Nigg's book is more scientifically oriented rather than an easy reading type of book. It provides a good foundation of understanding the true causes of ADHD and it is an excellent reference work that can help clinicians and professionals to build from for future studies.

Anyone who is working in the field of ADHD in research should have this book. For the parent professional who wants a good reference for ADHD, or who already has some knowledge of the subject, it can be a good resource for reference.

What Causes ADHD is very thorough and one could safely say that Dr. Joel Nigg is a leading expert in the field of ADHD. Every library should also consider having this reference book in its shelves. It is a good reference for those who want to keep on top of the latest findings in the field.