Psychology Book Reviews

16th October 2023

The ADD & ADHD Answer Book: Professional Answers to 275 of the Top Questions Parents Ask, by Susan Ashley PhD

Dr. Ashley's book on ADHD is also one of the better-researched, well-supported and thorough books on the subject. It is recommended. She discusses what can be done practically for children, including what can be accomplished within the school system, how the system works as far as special education goes, as well as realistically giving the benefits verses risks of medication for children with ADHD.

She takes the view that many psychologists who have written on the subject have taken, that it would seem as if there is an over-reliance on medications, that there are complications and that there is much that can be done with the exception of medication in most cases. (although not giving a blanket ban on medication in every situation.) It is in the top half dozen books that have been written on the subject for parents. If your child has ADHD, you should buy this book and read it, keep it as a reference, or even share it with your doctor.

Ashley's book is well researched, extremely well-organized and well thought out. She does not push or even recommend stimulant medication for ADHD, rather, encourages therapy, good parenting and "educational remediation. It is an authoritative book and good reference book. It is not a good sit down by the fire book, but it takes on more of a factual point by point question and answer tone through most of the book, although at times, she does get a little excited when talking about certain issues.

The ADD & ADHD Answer Book does not provide a cure-all for the disorder. However, if used along with several other books, it can give parents a well-rounded view of the subject. Ashley approaches ADHD from the angle of a parent and child relationship, so it is especially helpful for parents.