Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

17th October 2023

Anxiety disorders are diagnosed when anxieties become so pronounced so as to effect day to day activities. Often times prescription drugs are used to treat anxiety disorders. However, research shows that there are many effective therapies for anxiety disorders. In addition to exercise, relaxing activities, such as in Green Therapy, or using Art as a therapy, various proven psychotherapies can be useful without the need for medications.

Evidence based treatment studies reveal that:

    • Individual cognitive behavioral therapy.
    • Group cognitive behavioral therapy (GCBT).
    • GCBT with parents.
    • GCBT for social phobia.
  • Social effectiveness training for children with social phobia
    These re effective for both children, teens,
     (as well as for adults, not part of the study).

These treatments are in the second tier of treatment efficaciousness, "probably efficacious," with very stringent standards. This treatment plan, need not include medication, according to the reports, published in The Journal of Clinical and Adolescent Psychology, and as reported by NIMH.

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