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4th October 2023

All UK clinicians can Report a Case. The initial reporting takes one minute, and allows us to monitor national trends as they develop.

We are looking for trainees across the UK to be local study champions. If you are interested, please Contact Us for more information.

Our Partners are the key to collecting high-quality data. If your organisation would like to join the collaboration, please Contact Us.

Local champions

The CoroNerve Studies Management Group is calling for neurology trainees (at registrar and fellow levels) to help with research relating to national surveillance of the neurological complications during or after COVID19. The logistical infrastructure for electronic data collection on a central server has been established. This research has ethical approval. More information is given below.


You will need to be a neurology trainee, and you may or may not hold a neurology NTN number. At the moment, we are seeking one trainee per tertiary neurological centre.


You will be able to identify a local mentor (consultant neurologist). Alternatively, the CoroNerve Studies Management Group can identify a mentor from your institution on your behalf.

Research activities

Main responsibility will be:

  • Completion of Case Report Forms for cases in their institution, or coordination of their completion. Each CRF takes 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • Encouraging and supporting local physicians (neurologists and non-neurologists) to report cases, or with their permission reporting these yourself.

Optional roles (in collaboration with your mentor and after application to the CoroNerve Studies Management Group):

  • Data interpretation and analysis, with the CoroNerve Studies Management Group.
  • Write up in-depth reports dealing with subgroups (e.g. vasculitis).
  • Design, apply for ethical approval for, and execute new studies to follow-up cases identified through CoroNerve.


Your details will be added to the CoroNerve website.


Submission of at least one case report form will automatically confer membership of the CoroNerve Studies Group. 'CoroNerve Studies Group' will be on the byline of publications arising from cases covered by the publications. Individual members will be named in the manuscript or supplementary material, and searchable in PubMed as per journal policies.

You will be on the byline of the main overall publication arising from all the case CRFs, subject to substantive CRF recruitment and/or project work.


A formal letter from the CoroNerve Studies Management Group, confirming and describing your essential role in this research project.