Coronerve In The Media

4th October 2023

Following Support The Workers acquisition of, here is an overview of Coronerve media coverage to date.

Coronerve Acquired By Support The Workers

Benedict Michael talks to Ava Easton from the Encephalitis Society about CoroNerve

Benedict Michael presents on COVID-19 and the brain in a webinar hosted by Rustam Al-Shahi Salman (President of BASP) and Craig Smith (Professor of Stroke Medicine)

Benedict Michael presents ABN lockdown lecture and Thesis Review entitled Neurological infection including presentations related to COVID-19

Press coverage of the Lancet Coronerve paper

Bloomberg: Strokes, Altered Mental States Seen in Some Acute Covid Patients

Reuters: Severe COVID-19 can damage the brain, preliminary study finds

Business Insider: Preliminary study finds more than 100 severe COVID-19 patients developed brain conditions like stroke and psychosis

Medical Xpress: First UK-wide study describes brain complications in some patients with severe COVID-19

Daily Mail: Covid-19 could lead to strokes and brain damage in up to six out of 10 severely-ill patients hospitalised with the virus, study finds

Evening Standard: Severe Covid-19 can cause brain damage and strokes, new study shows

Express: Coronavirus symptoms: Worrying study reveals how virus can cause brain damage

Times of India: Neurological, psychiatric complications in Covid-19 patients identified

Hindustan Times: Severe Covid-19 can damage the brain: Study

Science News: Strokes and mental state changes hint at how COVID-19 harms the brain

ITV: Study of Covid-19 complications warns of mental issues in younger patients

BBC: Coronavirus: What does Covid-19 do to the brain?