Joins Forces with Support The Workers

Support The Workers, a burgeoning hub for psychology professionals, has recently announced the acquisition of, a website that has long served as a resource and networking nexus for NHS psychologists and their international counterparts, particularly those in the USA and UK. This acquisition marks a significant stride in providing comprehensive resources for the psychological community.

Integrating Global Resources and Conferences

Under the new management, Support The Workers plans to further enhance the value provided by by incorporating insights from seminal events such as the International Conference on Psychotherapy and Psychological Disorders and the World Summit on Stress, Mindfulness, and Philosophy. The repository of knowledge from these conferences will serve to enrich the resources available to mental health professionals, including Thesis Nootropics Reviews.

Enhancing the Knowledge Base for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing stands to benefit significantly from this acquisition. The compendium of information will now include cutting-edge research and discussions from events like the 3rd International Conference on Clinical and Counseling Psychology, offering nursing professionals insights into the latest trends and treatments.

Annual Mental Health and Wellbeing Focus

The acquisition also allows for a broader spotlight on the Annual Mental Health and Wellbeing, providing a calendar of global events that mental health professionals can access. This includes pivotal conferences such as the 5th World Congress on Mental Health and Well-being and the 2nd International Conference on Psychotherapy.

Bridging Applied Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

Support The Workers aims to create a synergy between Applied Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, utilizing insights from past conferences like the International Conference on Cognitive Development and Human Resilience. This multidisciplinary approach seeks to foster comprehensive care models within the psychological community and well as publish evidence on the best nootropics and brain supplements.

Expanding Reach with Psychotherapy2020 Insights

The Psychotherapy2020 webinar content will also be integrated into the platform, offering virtual learning opportunities that complement the physical conferences. This initiative will help Support The Workers provide continuous education in a field that is ever-evolving.

Access to Renowned Conferences and Workshops will continue to offer access to a variety of conferences, including the World Congress on Mental Health and Well-Being, providing a platform for practitioners to stay updated on current research and clinical practices.

Enriching Resources with Conference Series Contacts

The inclusion of content and contacts from previous conferences, like the International Conference on Psychotherapy and Psychological Disorders, enables psychologists to network and collaborate with peers and thought leaders in their field.

Emphasizing Well-Being Management

Well-being management is a priority for Support The Workers, and the acquisition of allows for a greater focus on mental health nursing and well-being conferences, ensuring practitioners have access to a wealth of knowledge and best practices.

Showcasing Applied Psychology Congress Events

The website will feature a comprehensive archive of events, such as the Applied Psychology Congress 2018, and provide updates on upcoming conferences to encourage ongoing professional development within the community.

Facilitating Access to Antipsychotic Research

Research and development in the field of antipsychotic medication remain critical. Through this acquisition, Support The Workers will provide easy access to the latest findings and discussions surrounding psychoactive medications, aiding in the responsible dissemination of information.

Building a Stronger Psychology Community

By bringing together resources from and the vast network of Support The Workers, the psychological community can expect an even stronger support system. The websites will function as a cohesive unit, delivering information on conferences, clinical advancements, and educational materials.

With this strategic acquisition, Support The Workers and are poised to significantly enhance the support system for NHS psychologists and their peers worldwide. By providing streamlined access to a wealth of knowledge from past and future conferences, integrating crucial research, and fostering an environment of continued learning and collaboration, Support The Workers is cementing its commitment to the advancement of mental health professions across the globe.